Night Creams - Top Winter Skincare Tips

8th February 2016

With winter now in full swing, we’re trying everything we can to keep skin looking fresh and feeling soothed. Your clients are no different, and now is the perfect time to impart on them some helpful tips, tricks and product advice to ensure their skin remains in top condition even after the results of their professional treatments have faded.


Cold weather, windy conditions and busy lifestyles leave all of us longing for a good skin day to come our way. Working in the industry, you will possess the knowledge your clients need to help them beat the winter-skin blues. In turn, your product and treatment recommendations will lead to customer loyalty and retention as well as salon sales.


We recommend moisturisers, night creams in particular, to be a product focus during this time of year. Night creams offer the perfect skincare starting point for beginners and our new formula’s and unique combinations of active ingredients are always of interest to skincare experts.


The perfect time to explain the benefits of a related product to your client is during and after their treatment to demonstrate how they can keep up their professional results. Firstly, explain the many varied benefits of a night cream and what you should see from introducing it into your night time regime before suggesting a product for their skin type.


With a night cream, the benefits are almost endless and with so many different formula’s to choose from, your clients may become blinded without your helpful advice. Explaining how the skin absorbs key active ingredients better during the night, allowing the skin to rehydrate, skin cells to renew and preventing tissues from being damaged will open their eyes to the many advantages of a night cream. From nourished skin to an even, blemish- free complexion, not to mention boosted collagen levels and younger looking skin, it’s hard to see why you wouldn’t use one!


At MONU, we offer a wide range of retail Night Creams that your clients can benefit from. Find out their skin type and get recommending! For dry skin try MONU Extra Rich Night Cream, its luxuriously thick texture intensively moisturises without leaving a greasy residue whilst normal/combination skin types should be using Night Renewal Complex to actively smooth and firm skin, ensuring a younger, brighter complexion come morning.


If your clients are looking to turn back the clock, turn to the anti-ageing properties of RENU Restoring Cream Rich to plump fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin looking radiant and youthful. Finally, if you’re clients are looking for something more complex, recommend they try the NEW AHA Night and Day Treatment System. The AHA Night Cream used in conjunction with Recovery Balm promises to instantly refine the skins’ texture to reduce the appearance of imperfections and brighten the complexion.


For more information on any of these products, get in touch with one of our Skincare Educators today!