Product Description

The innovative MONUPLUS AHA Night and Day Treatment gently exfoliates the skin to effectively refine and refresh tone and texture. The potent formulation, created using an original blend of Salicylic Acid, Fruit Acid and Vitamin C, softens and smooths the skins micro-relief whilst delivering a concentrated boost of hydration. Signs of ageing, imperfections and pigmentation are reduced whilst skin tone is balanced for a fresh, healthy glow.


Pack contains:

- MONUPLUS AHA Night Cream 15ml

- MONUSKIN Recovery Balm 15ml


Who should use it?

This product is ideal for instantly injecting lustre into a dull complexion, lacking in natural vitality. Applied to the skin at night, our intelligent use of AHA’s efficiently exfoliate the skin while you sleep, sloughing away dead skin cells that prevent the skin from looking radiant whilst helping new skin grow. Using this system will ensure your skin absorbs the active ingredients from further products while treating pigmentation, firming fine lines and correcting blemishes.


Please note, this system is not suitable for hypersensitive or vascular complexions.




AHA Night Cream


The addition of Vitamin C is key for stimulating and maintaining collagen production, helping to protect the skin from signs of premature ageing and free radical damage. It also helps protect from sun damage and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and imperfections to promote a bright, fresh-faced appearance.


Enriched with Lactic Acid, the mildest form of AHA, to aid in the shedding of dead skin cells. Skin is brightened, balanced and signs of ageing reduced.

Fruit Acids, a natural exfoliant, also help to loosen the dead layers of skin whilst gently lightening; ideal for treating pigmentation, blocked pores, sun damage and premature ageing. Fruit Acids are also rich in Vitamin C to enhance collagen production and restore radiance.


Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), a mixture of natural fruit extracts, aid the biological exfoliation process. The outer layer of skin is broken down to quickly slough dead skin cells and help keep the complexion naturally bright.

Shake up your skincare regime with the unique exfoliating action of MONUPLUS AHA Night and Day Treatment


MONUPLUS AHA Night & Day Treatment

Recovery Balm


The healing and soothing properties of Rose and Bergamot Essential Oils help reduce signs of redness, irritation and dryness caused by elemental damage. Skin suppleness, hydration and vitality is restored for a healthy glow.

Enriched with Peptides, this soothing moisturising balm helps reduce discomfort whilst stimulating collagen production and renewing skin radiance.


Evening Primrose Oil maintains the skins barrier function, reduces signs of redness and keeps the complexion fresh and healthy.

Blackcurrant Seed Oil preserves skin health, prevents dryness and ensures optimum moisture levels are restored.

Enhanced with Shea Butter, rich in Vitamin E, to seal in moisture for immediate softness.

Cassia Alata Leaf Extract, full of flavonoids, helps support the skins natural repair system.



The AHA Night and Day Treatment is the perfect system to incorporate into any skincare regime to naturally brighten and refine a dull complexion, restoring radiance and promoting a healthy and fresh look.


We advise using this product for 3 consecutive nights, with Recovery Balm as your day moisturiser along with Hydrating Moisturiser SPF15 for sun protection. A seven-day break must be taken before you start another 3-night treatment. The pack should contain enough product to carry out a 6 week course.


A course of this system will penetrate the skin deeper than a moisturiser to correct skin tone, smooth and naturally exfoliate.



MONUPLUS Hydra Lift Serum instantly firms and lifts facial contours whilst delivering intense hydration and comfort with its advanced active complex.


MONUPLUS Super Serum Duo, packed with vitamins and antioxidants, will re-educate and uplift the skin. When used together, the serums reverse the signs of ageing and revitalise the complexion.


Micro Exfoliant to gently and effectively cleanse the skin without damaging. Dead skin cells are buffed away whilst cell renewal is generated to brighten and balance.