Body Boosting Treatments for Spring Ready Skin

15th April 2016

British springtime has sprung, and with its arrival comes the need to shape up health, wellbeing and skincare – so help your clients’ look and feel their best for spring barbecues and summer holidays with a little help from MONU Professional Skincare.


Whilst facial treatments may have been top priority whilst battling the cold weather and harsh conditions of winter, it’s time to nourish and condition the rest the body to guarantee perfect pins and a toned torso that’s 100% bikini ready! One of the most common body hang ups, for clients and therapists alike, is the dreaded cellulite. And whilst eating healthily and exercising regularly is a great way to tone up – we’d all love a helping hand from innovative body-boosting treatments that work to tackle the problem head on. So help slim, tone and de-bump your clients’ skin with our favourite body treatments and retail products! 



MONUspa Detox Wrap – Duration 1 hour 45 minutes


Whilst we all know that treating your body right on the inside is the key to looking and feeling good, giving it an added boost on the outside is sure to leave your client with an enviably radiant glow in no time. As professionals, it’s important to demonstrate the importance of innovative skincare to aid in achieving healthy skin and undeniably visible results. After all, we want each and every one of our clients to feel confident in the skin they have!


Our number one, tried and tested treatment for losing unwanted inches whilst reducing the appearance of troublesome cellulite, has to be the Slim Gel Detox Wrap. Quick and effective, this superb body contouring treatment works to remove toxins and impurities from the system to reveal a more even and balanced skin texture. The concentrated Slim Gel contains a unique combination of Sweet Fennel Essential Oil, Seaweed, Herbs, Distilled Witch Hazel and Mineral Salts to aid in achieving inch loss through the intra-cellular drainage of the lymphatic system.


Once the gel has been applied, the body is wrapped in compression bandages, allowing the stimulation of both the deep and superficial veins. The active ingredients get to work to instantly detoxify the body whilst tightening the skin. Unwrap the bandages to reveal lost inches and toned skin.


*This treatment is perfect for those who have a special occasion or holiday coming up.




MONUspa Super Sculpt Body Lotion is our favourite retail product for toning, firming and uplifting the skin, allowing your clients to maintain the results of their professional treatment from the comfort of their own home.


This revolutionary formulation tackles a plethora of body concerns in one quick and easy application to refresh and revitalise. A combination of intelligent active ingredients allows Super Sculpt to tackle problem areas, reducing the appearance of troublesome cellulite with one quick and easy application. Working to smooth uneven skin tone whilst bringing back an injection of radiance, this innovative lotion is perfect for upkeep of the Detox Wrap results.