Product Description

MONUPLUS Brightening Boost Serum has been formulated to revitalise and refresh the complexion whilst promoting sheer luminosity. Designed using Hyaluronic Microspheres and Vitamin C our energising formulation instantly absorbs into the skin to target common concerns. Skin tone is balanced and texture refined for a youthful glow.


Who should use it?

Brightening Boost is ideal for all skin types due to its ability to adapt to a variety of concerns, but is highly recommended for those suffering with a dull complexion that generally lacks vitality. Applied to the skin morning and night, prior to moisturising, the potent formula quickly penetrates the skins surface to deliver a burst of active ingredients to restore overall health and radiance.




Enriched with the lipo-filling action of Hyaluronic Microspheres, micro-injected with Hyaluronic Acid, to help maintain a youthful radiance. The spheres can swell up to 30 times their size to effectively relax facial muscles, firm expression lines and balance uneven skin tone.


The addition of Vitamin C is key for stimulating and maintaining collagen production, helping to protect the skin from signs of premature ageing and free radical damage. It also helps safeguard from sun damage and reduce the appearance of pigmentation and imperfections to promote a bright, fresh-faced appearance.


Wild Yam Root Extract, a natural phytosterol packed with antioxidants, increases the lipid content of the skin. Collagen production is encouraged and elasticity restored to ensure dull complexions are revitalised and dryness eliminated.


Enhanced with Anemarrhena Extract to stimulate adipocytes and encourage increased lipid storage to redensify the skin from within. Its powerful boost of hydration instantly enhances skin tone and texture.




Brightening Boost is the ideal product to incorporate into any skincare regime to treat a lacklustre complexion, restore vitality and promote overall skin health.


We recommend using this product over a 2-month period, as and when the skin needs a boost, alternately with Super Serum Night. A course of this concentrate will penetrate the skin deeper than moisturisers and cleansers to hydrate, nourish and protect whilst eliminating dullness and combatting flakiness. 

Revitalise, refresh and restore radiance with the MONUPLUS Brightening Boost Serum


MONUPLUS Brightening Boost 



Super Serum Night works to re-educate and uplift the skin for a fresh, youthful look. A combination of refreshing active ingredients promises to improve skin function, balance uneven skin tone and firm facial contours.


Micro Exfoliant to gently and effectively cleanse the skin without damaging. Dead skin cells are buffed away whilst cell renewal is generated to brighten and balance.


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