Treatment of the Month – Hydra Lift Collagen Facial

17th June 2016

It’s true – we’d all like to wake up in the morning looking fresh faced and blemish free but for the majority of our clients, and of course the professionals, this simply isn’t a reality. Unfortunately, the ‘effortless make-up free’ look takes both time and effort in terms of carefully chosen skincare and beauty regimes to suit our skin types. 


This month, the experts at MONU Skincare are focusing on the importance of natural skin radiance. With the signs of summer beginning to show and the warmer weather looking like it might be here to stay (fingers crossed) we’re all wanting to guarantee our skin exudes a naturally gorgeous glow to match the change in season. After all, healthy skin and a fresh, flawless complexion is sure to save us some precious sleep-time every morning – which can only be a bonus!


Ensure you keep up with client demand this summer with the - our number one treatment to help promote skin radiance. Plus we’ve added some handy retail product recommendations to help maintain professional results and ensure your clients’ natural beauty shines through this summer.

The is ideal for repairing the skin, bringing dull complexions back to life in an instant. With a duration time of approximately 1 hour this intensive treatment works to deliver a burst of moisture to the skin through the application of a 99% collagen veil applied to the face. The facial replenishes vital hydration levels in the skin whilst plumping fine lines and wrinkles, allowing your clients’ to rediscover a more youthful, vibrant look that is sure to restore their confidence in their complexion in time for the holiday season.


Once the treatment is over, be sure to leave your client with some important skincare advice and product recommendations to help them upkeep their professional results in between treatments. Fortunately, a naturally healthy glow can be pulled off with only a few skincare products and just a bit of know-how.

Firstly, exfoliating is a must. Make your clients aware of the importance of proper exfoliation and advise using MONU Micro Exfoliant 2-3 times a week to intensely cleanse the skin, creating an instantly more radiant appearance. Following exfoliation, recommend a touch of serum, dabbed across the face and pressed into the skin with fingertips. Brightening Boost serum is ideal for revitalising the complexion to result in sheer skin luminosity.


Finally, prior to makeup application or simply worn by itself, point your clients in the direction of Illuminating Primer SPF15. Guaranteeing your makeup stays in place all day whilst smoothing the complexion and evening skin tone, Illuminating Primer is perfect for creating a lasting radiant glow.


For more information on our treatment of the month or any of our retail products, get in touch with our Skincare Educator Hannah today;