Treatment of the Month – The Exotic Hot Oil and Salt Scrub Polish

27th July 2016

Summer is here and with it brings the arrival of warmer weather, longer days and of course the holiday season. Summer is for unwinding, relaxing and sipping cocktails in the sun. Many of your clients will have the luxury of jetting off to tropical climes to do just this and will want to look their best when donning their bikini’s for days spent by the pool or on the beach.


Toning, firming and polishing the skin for a more radiant, supple look will be top priority where bodies are concerned during the warmer months of the year. Help your clients in their quest for a beach-ready bikini body with your own hand-picked list of professional body treatments, tailored specifically to the skins summer needs.


At MONU, our signature 60-minute treatment to boost body confidence and ensure your client looks and feels flawless and fresh in a bikini is our Exotic Hot Oil and Salt Scrub Polish. Offering a full body treatment your clients won’t want to miss, the Exotic Hot Oil and Salt Scrub is the ultimate summer treatment. With two different blends of salts available, this can be tailored to the specific needs of the individual to ensure skin is left feeling smooth, hydrated, fresh and energised


Polishing the body to perfection, this aromatic and exotic treatment is the perfect skin antidote pre, or even post, holiday. Working to gently buff and exfoliate the skin, dead skin cells are smoothed away to reveal an instantly improved texture, tone and smoothness and a more radiant appearance. Skin is left feeling detoxified, toned and tightened whilst congestion, tension and oiliness is targeted.


Offer this treatment to your clients and they’re sure to thank you for overhauling their body – skin will look supple and bodies slimmer for the ultimate in body confidence wherever they may be going!


For more information on this, or any other of our face and body treatments, email our expert Skincare Educator Hannah –