At MONU we recognise that everyone’s skin needs a little helping hand every now and then to revive, refresh and hydrate. The innovative and effective Prescriptive Facial has been developed to target common skin concerns whilst instantly balancing and refining texture and tone for a youthful glow.




The Prescriptive Facial offers the ideal multi-purpose treatment for all clients due to its ability to adapt to a variety of concerns. The treatment uses the unique MONU Gel Mask blended with a deeply nourishing essential oil, determined from the therapists’ analysis of the clients’ skin. Our recommended essential oils are:


Rose Essential Oil for dry, dehydrated or sensitive skin types. Rose essential oil will reduce the appearance of blemishes and imperfections on the skin whilst restoring moisture to promote an even skin tone and fresh complexion.


Bergamot Essential Oil ideal for normal/combination skin types, it works to distress and soothe with its calming aroma. Bergamot clarifies the complexion to promote healthy, clear skin.


Lemon Essential Oil is perfect for treating oily or spot-prone skin. It naturally cleanses and purifies, supporting healthy respiratory functions and promoting a positive mood. Skin is toned, balanced and refreshed.


Once an appropriate essential oil has been decided on, it should be blended with the Gel Mask and applied to face and neck. Our careful combination of active ingredients, vitamins and minerals ensures fine lines are smoothed, facial contours firmed and dull-complexions brightened for an instant revival of natural radiance.


Once the treatment is complete, simply remove the mask to reveal toned, tightened and healthier-looking skin.



Treatment Benefits


Formulated with Sodium Hyaluronate, the MONU Gel Mask promises to boost moisture levels and deliver intense hydration to the skin. This youth-supporting active will keep skin soft, smooth and protected for a fresh, natural glow.


The addition of Algae Extract and Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice will firm, tone and plump the skin, restoring hydration to dry areas and reducing visible signs of ageing to create an even base to apply makeup.


The ideal bespoke treatment, the Prescription Facial can be tailored to the individual needs of your client by choosing either soothing Rose Essential Oil, nourishing Bergamot Essential Oil or cleansing Lemon Essential Oil.


For optimum results, advise clients to maintain this facial every 4 weeks

Energise, uplift and detoxify with the innovative Prescriptive Facial Treatment


MONU Prescriptive Facial

Key Actives


Rose Essential Oil to treat sensitivity by balancing moisture levels. It also works to improve skin texture and overall health whilst uplifting the mood


Bergamot Essential Oil acts as a natural cleanser to help remove dirt and grease from the skin whilst minimising the appearance of scarring and imperfections


Lemon Essential Oils’ astringent, detoxifying nature increases skin vitality and rejuvenates a tired complexion to brighten dull skin tones. Its antiseptic properties also help in the treatment of acne by reducing excess oil


Sodium Hyaluronate secures moisture whilst creating a firm and youthful skin tone. It revitalises the outer layers of the skin for a softer, supple and more radiant look


Algae Extract to condition, hydrate and detoxify whilst increasing cell generation and firming


Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice to enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin by restoring moisture and reducing flakiness. Bursting with antioxidants, it also improves skins natural firmness whilst reducing signs of blemishes.



Selling Points


The Prescriptive Facial offers the ideal multi-purpose treatment that can be offered to any client, no matter what their skin concerns. By choosing an essential oil that targets specific problems this facial will effectively calm, balance and uplift. In addition, the powerful active ingredients found in the MONU Gel Mask promise to soothe, protect and brighten to promote overall skin health and vitality.



For more information on the treatment or tips for carrying it out in your salon or spa, email our expert Skincare Educators