Top Tips for the Perfect Spray Tan Treatment.

25th May 2016

One of the many perks of working at a skincare company is if your training team are short of a model you get to stand in and have a treatment. Not a bad way to start a week.

I was asked by Amy, one of our skincare educators, whether I could help out on a TANWORX spray tan training day. I immediately jumped at the chance after the recent dreary winter we had experienced I thought it would be nice to get some colour and after all I had never had a spray tan before. The night before I prepped myself by exfoliating all over, shaving and moisturising my body.


Having never had a spray tan before here is an insight to how I felt and some tips on providing a great spray tanning treatment for your client.


The Consultation


Before your client steps foot anywhere near the spray tan, you and your client will need go through a consultation. Here are the main points you’ll be addressing:


Medical Profile: This will include any surgeries or major illness in the last year, respiratory problems, medication and whether your client is pregnant. Your client’s health is the your number one priority so it is important want to make sure that it is safe for them to receive the treatment and not suffer any reactions. It is advisable pregnant clients should not to have spray tans especially in their first trimester.


Skin concerns: You will also need to assess any skin conditions such as dry skin, pigmentation issues and/or acne. This is to ensure that the tan is applied evenly and correctly. In some cases the tan won’t take as well on some areas if the client suffers from pigmentary disorders. For dry skin tan tends to collect so a barrier cream is applied to ensure an even tan.


Skin Tone: You will also need to pick the right product for the client. Using the Fitzpatrick scale you can determine what their client’s natural skin tone is. You can find out more about the Fitzpatrick Scale here.


Occasion: It is also important for you to find out why the client is having a spray tan. If it is for a wedding then you will want to go for a subtle sun kissed look. Make sure you advise you client to come in 48 hours before any special occasion they want the spray tan for.


The Treatment


When your client has a spray tan treatment it can be quite an intimidating experience having to stand in various awkward positions wearing next to nothing, especially if they’ve never had one before or haven’t met you before.  Here are some tips for help you client feel at ease:


Explain to the customer the different options on what to wear during the tan and the benefits


Explain that they can dress however they feel comfortable, reassuring any clients who might be feeling nervous


Make sure the room is warm


Give the client some privacy whilst they undress by leaving the room


When asking a client to change positions carry out the position yourself as an example for them to copy


When you are ready explain to the client what is going to happen before you do. For example, explain that you are about to apply the barrier cream to the dry parts of the body so that they will have an even tan. Then explain that you are about to start the spray tan and where you will start spraying, warning your client that the spray may feel a little cold. When you have finished the treatment be sure to gently pat with a mitt any build-up of the tan residue to stop the tan from running or looking uneven.


What your client should wear


Inform your client that they should bring loose fitting clothes and not to wear any sprays or deodorant on the skin as this will react with the tan making it green and can result in an uneven tan. You also need to make sure that your client doesn’t where any make up or apply moisturiser on the day of the tan as these will act as a barrier and with prevent the tan from taking.




A good aftercare plan ensures a longer lasting tan and a very satisfied customer.


After the treatment your client will be able to see the guide colour and can look dirty. Assure them that this is not the final look by explaining the following points:

DHA is the key active that is used in sunless tanning products and this is what reacts with the keratin and amino acids in the upper layer of the skin surface and oxidises to produce a tan  


The tan will take a minimum of 8 hours to develop but it is advisable that they sleep in it


Then explain how your clients can prolong an even looking tan, here are some of our top tips:


Shower without using any shower gels or scrubs to wash the guide colour off, looking out for when the water runs clear

Always pat dry after washing

Use a moisturiser or the TANWORX Tan Maintainer

Gently exfoliate after 3-4 days to ensure that the tan starts to come off evenly

Make sure that all the tan is removed using a more abrasive exfoliation before having another spray tan to avoid uneven build up.


For more information on TANWORX or LDN:SKINS Sunless tanning training contact Hannah on 01242 538337 or email