Treat Your Skin This Spring

8th April 2015

You rarely need an excuse to spoil yourself but with the first signs of spring in the air and the sun finally making an appearance, now is the perfect time to give your skin a bit of a treat. With the longer, lighter days becoming more prominent it’s time to start peeling off the layers and revealing a bit of skin that may not have seen the light of day for a good few months. It’s time to start nourishing and protecting your skin from head to toe to get bikini-ready and make sure you shine this spring/summer.


MONU’s Arabica Salt Scrub with coffee and vanilla is the perfect combination to revitalise, refresh and rejuvenate. When massaged into the skin, the Coffee Arabica extract works to detoxify and reduce fatty deposits, instantly improving skin texture and revealing a more radiant appearance.


A touch of calming Linseed Extracts soothe the skin, replenishing lost moisture and leaving skin feeling toned and tightened whilst added Oat Floor comforts skin and calms irritation. Apply a couple of pumps of the Calming Vanilla Body Oil to the body or just to specific areas, then scoop out a small amount of the Coffee Salts and massage well into the skin to create an effective exfoliation treatment.


Use this exfoliating scrub 2-3 times a week to thoroughly cleanse the skin whilst toning and tightening problem area’s to thoroughly prepare yourself for holiday season and the soothing scents of vanilla and coffee are sure to leave you feeling pampered and fresh. Use the Vanilla Body Oil on its own as a massage oil or use after a bath or shower to hydrate the skin.

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